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01 December 2014 @ 04:29 pm
Old Married Spirk Challenge 2014 Masterpost  

The Old Married Spirk Challenge for 2014 has come to an end. I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the very talented people who worked so hard contributing to the awesome collection of fanwork listed below. <3

I hope everyone enjoys all of these wonderful submissions!

Old Married Spirk Challenge 2014 Masterpost

|| FIC

:: A Beach To Walk On by thesadchicken
TOS, 1.3k, Teen+

:: A Not-Stressful Holiday by DictionaryWrites
TOS, 1k, Teen+

:: A Twist of Fate by RowanBaines
TOS, 9.1k, Teen+

:: For As Long As the Stars Shine by plaidshirtjimkirk
TOS, 7.9k, Teen+

:: Home Renovation by noodleinabarrel
TOS, 5.5k, Teen+

:: Leave Me in the Looking Glass by druxykexy
TOS, 4k, Teen+

:: Of Hands by DictionaryWrites
TOS, <1k, Teen+

:: Paradise Found by OrmondSacker
TOS, 2k, Mature

:: Stay Awhile by TrekkieSlut
TOS, 4k, General

:: Stay With Me by thesadchicken
TOS, 1k, Teen+

:: The Bioluminescence of the Night by thesadchicken
TOS, <1k, General

:: Vulcans Are Not Ticklish by DictionaryWrites
TOS, 1k, Teen+

|| ART

:: Cuddling by st-r-trk-fangasm

:: Leave Me in the Looking Glass by RowanBaines

:: Old? Yes. Married? Yes. Retired? Not even close. by merm-aight

:: Picnic by spockshair

:: Vulcan Kisses by kirkspocker

:: You Fill Up My Senses by quantumglowcloud


:: a lifelong love letter by sadchicken

:: Always Shall Be by plaidshirtjimkirk

:: Kirk/Spock. like a soldier by vulcan-lakes


:: Good Morning T’hy’la 1 by funkylittlesister, the sadchicken

:: Good Morning T’hy’la 2 by funkylittlesister, the sadchicken


Many thanks to everyone who supported these amazing contributors by checking out their work and encouraging them! <3

Looking forward to OMSC 2015! ;D

- plaidshirtjimkirk